Automation Management & Controls


Somfy® Digital Network (SDN)

The SDN is a scalable system that can control automated window coverings for any building size. It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated in to an existing building management system. Easy control of the SDN from a simple keypad makes programming a breeze. Preprogram single motors or a group of motors simultaneously.

Somfy® Motors

Somfy® offers a variety of motor sizes to suit any project. The motor design is flexible enough to meet any window control need. Somfy® motors work with a wide range of supply voltages perfect for new construction or retrofitting existing buildings.

Somfy® Controls

Wall-mounted radio or digital keypads

Personal computers

Smart devices (smart phones, tablets, etc)


Animeo® IP

Add another level of automated solar management to a new or existing SDN for increase control. Animeo® IP can combine Somfy® motors and keypads with weather sensors at any point in the system design. It is scalable and integrates with 3rd party controls for a total building management system. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to create zones, auto-discover motors or switches, and provides at-a-glance system status updates.

Somfy® Controls

  • Automate natural light management by following the sun's position
  • Minimizes glare and increases occupant comfort

Solar Depth

  • Adjust shade height to limit the distance light enters the space
  • Protects furniture and décor from UV rays

Timed Events

  • Create schedules based on time of day, occupancy, etc
  • Increases overall building energy efficiency

Weather Sensors

  • Program windows based on rain, wind, sun, and/or temperature
  • Easy to setup and configure

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