Durable, Low-Maintenance Shades Designed for Healthcare

At Creative Windows, we understand the unique needs of healthcare environments. We can provide the perfect balance of durability, easy-maintenance, and comfort to support your patients and staff.

Research shows that lighting can play a significant role in wellness and healing. Creative Windows can offer your patients a healing environment that is comfortable and relaxing, while at the same time ensuring plentiful light in staff work areas. Additionally, we utilize specialized fabrics which inhibit microbial and fungal growth to ensure optimum hygiene with minimal maintenance.

Trusted by Michigan Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Offer Your Patients Hassle-Free Control

Creative Windows Stealth Motorized Shades offer complete control of your window treatments at the touch of a button. Not only will your patients appreciate the ability to control their comfort without getting out of bed, but your staff will save time and improve efficiency.

Advanced Automation for Long-Term Cost Reduction

In large hospitals, energy costs can be a huge expense. At Creative Solutions, we offer advanced weather tracking integration to maximize energy savings. Using a combination of sunlight tracking, weather sensors, and timers, our Stealth Automated Motorized Shades can be integrated into any building management system to maximize energy savings by reducing the load on your heating and cooling systems.

Experienced Installers. Exceptional Results.

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