KLA Extreme Shades

Winner of 2023 WCA Pyramid Award:
Creative Windows

KLA Extreme Shades:

Best Innovation


Our extreme challenge was to design an attractive motorized solar screen shading system to cover a curtain wall 27 feet wide by 32 feet high, with no vertical dividing mullions. This was to serve as a backdrop and light filter for a large projection screen that could be lowered from the ceiling for video presentations in a large auditorium type setting.

It was determined the curtain wall would be divided into 3 separate shades to avoid visible seams in the fabric. Because of the overall length of these shades, we designed them to be wire-guided, which keeps them from side-to-side movement while traveling the 32-foot height.

The fabric chosen for the shades was a soft gray weave in a 1% opacity, which reduced 99% of light emittance and glare. At the top of this vast space, we installed a 9” x 9” steel headbox with white closure trim, to tuck the shades away and hide them from view when not in use, allowing an open view of the beautiful wooded area outside.

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