Lake Forest Golf Club


Installed by Creative Windows of Ann Arbor, MI

Lake Forest Golf Club is currently in the process of renovating their indoor/outdoor spaces for a customized, friendly and luxurious experience for their club members. As a result of this the Owner of the club reached out for assistance in creating a way to conserve their ProShop's merchandise during after hour events. Without a pause in our step, we jumped into help!

To meet the requirements by the owner our proficient Installers set up a ceiling track with 90-degree bends on either end. Using rolling carriers, we attached a blackout drapery to cover the product on shelves, avoiding any possibility to observe any items. Installing this form of track and drapery serves the purpose of being able to open/tie back the drapery out of the way during hours of operation and easily close the drapery with magnetic strips inside the drapery lining to avoid the curtains from opening during the night.

Experienced Installers. Exceptional Results.

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