MBRB Wayne State University


Installed by Creative Windows of Ann Arbor, MI

The Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Building is the newest research facility and the largest construction project to date for the Wayne State University in Detroit. The interdisciplinary building promotes interaction among all scientific areas with the goal of promoting human health and societies.

In the research facility, the animeo IP/RS485 system provides a balance of light as the researchers come and go. There is no occupant control except for within the conference rooms. The audiovisual system in these rooms will interface with Somfy’s intelligent motors via the dry contacts at the rear of the Decoflex keypads. The shades within the MBRB space are fully automated with no manual overrides providing a balance of light and a reduction in glare. The animeo IP software is installed on the network allowing designated personnel to override the system.

The systems automatic control protocol is based on the external sun sensors and control logic configured within the animeo IP Building Controller. Solar entrance depth parameters will be set to limit the light trespass within the space. Within the automatic control areas, all solar shades shall be controlled by logic in response to environmental data from the external sun sensors. Solar shade positioning depends on sun penetration depth set within the software and the sun position. The automatic position can be overridden by local keypads or by the facility management software.

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