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From draperies to shutters, and everything in between, our extensive product line has everything you need to enhance your home's style and functionality.

Experience luxury living like never before with Creative Windows' Stealth Motorized Window Shades. With just a touch of a button, you can control the ambiance of your home - not only that, but our motorized shades are designed to maximize energy efficiency.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary, which is why we offer custom-manufactured window shades that are tailored to fit your individual needs. Our focus is on visual aesthetics, energy efficiency, UV protection, and privacy, so you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish space that meets your expectations. Whether you prefer an open mesh to let natural light in or a darker shade for increased privacy, we have you covered.

Top Treatments






P95 Cassette


Fabric-Covered Fascia


Standard Roll


Reverse Roll

Bottom Bar Treatments


Welded Bottom Bar

This style is on all solar screen and most blackout shades, looks the same front-and-back, and is used on all fabrics that can be heat-sealed.


Wrapped Bottom Bar

This style is used on all decorative, non-screen fabrics. The fabric is wrapped on the front of the bottom bar, and the metal faces the back.


Metal Bottom Bar

The fabric wrap faces outside, and the metal bar faces the front for a contrasting look.


Side Channels

If you would like to block even more light on blackout shades, you can add side and sill channels which stop light from coming around the edges of your shade.


Bottom Up Shades

Available manual or motorized, bottom-up shades have a fascia on the top and bottom of the window opening. They’re great when you want privacy on the bottom half of the window, but want to see the top half of your view.


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We’re proud to include Somfy motors in our Open Light line of shades.

They provide control opportunities for every shade in your home, office, or workplace, and can be integrated with many home automation systems.

Many of our residential and smaller commercial clients love the simplicity of the Somfy RTS. The Radio Technology Somfy option allows control with a handheld remote control, control via home automation system, or voice control through Alexa or other voice command options.

For larger projects we use the Somfy Bus Network, Somfy Digital Network or SDN. The SDN system allows maximum control and flexibility. Shades can be grouped, sub-grouped, and controlled via the Somfy Animeo IP control. IP Animeo allows for shades to be controlled by sunlight exposure, time, fire alarm system, and virtually any other switching device.

Shades can be powered via 110 volt power for new construction or battery for existing home or office which eliminates the need for wiring. The batteries are integral to the motor and rechargeable: no more need to replace AA batteries every year!

Fabricating our Open Light Shades at our Ann Arbor plant allows us to give you the best value on automated shades with Somfy motors. The Somfy motors come with a five year warranty and our Open Light Shades come with a ten year warranty.



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