SecurShade Systems


Protecting Students & Staff in an Emergency

SecurShade transforms a common classroom feature – its window shades – into an important component of a school’s safety system. When a building’s window shades are equipped with SecurShade technology any authorized adult seeing a threat can seamlessly accomplish all of the following with a single push of a button:
  • Close all the shades in a building, or multiple buildings, rapidly and en masse, effectively removing sightlines into the building.
  • Notify appropriate authorities of the threat and its location.
  • Provide a powerful visual alert notifying responsible persons, in and out of the building, of the need to implement lockdown procedures.

The SecurShade system is a fast, seamless system that improves the school’s ability to react to an active shooter threat.

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Fast. Efficient. Secure.


5 Reasons Why SecurShades are a Smart Choice

#1 SecurShades can make schools safer.

#2 They can be integrated into other building energy & security systems.

#3 SecurShades are affordable.

#4 SecurShades are energy efficient.

#5 SecurShades represent effective administration.


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