Stealth Automated Motorized Shades


Intelligent Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Our advanced systems allow you to maximize energy savings and improve comfort without ever lifting a finger. Stealth Automated Motorized Shades can be integrated with advanced weather sensors, solar tracking technology, and timed events to automatically reduce the load on your building’s heating and cooling systems, while also offering total building control through an easy-to-use interface.

The team at Creative Windows have decades of experience designing and installing automated motorized window shade systems that can scale to any size building. Our complete line of custom-manufactured shades, Somfy® motors and controls, and Animeo® IP solar management systems allow us the versatility and flexibility needed to find a reliable solution that fits your goals and budget. Slanted or horizontal glass, oddly shaped windows, or windows with high levels of heat gain or loss are no problem for our experts.


Scalable Systems for Buildings of Any Size

Our team uses the best in window shade automation technology - Somfy® Digital Network (SDN). The SDN can be used as a standalone system, or integrated into your existing building management software, to deliver customized automation solutions and complete building control from an easy-to-use touchpad, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Intelligent Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Take your building automation - and energy efficiency - to another level with Animeo® IP automated weather management systems. This advanced weather and solar tracking technology integrates into your building to automate your shades based on weather conditions, position of the sun, time of day, temperature, and more. Automatically reduce glare for a comfortable working environment, minimize heat loss on cold days, and maximize sunlight to reduce air conditioning costs - all without any effort.

Trusted by Industry Leaders Since 1981

In our nearly forty years of experience designing and installing window treatments for Michigan business, we've crafted custom solutions for a wide range of commercial environments. Let our team can design, manufacture, and install a customized solution that will deliver reliable, long-lasting comfort, convenience, and savings you can count on.

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